Rhema Regals
Fun Life Skills Program for Girls

Mondays, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

Second Floor of the Rhema Library

Rhema Regals is a unique program designed to help young ladies of today in their walk with the Lord, while teaching them practical life skills that will enable them to succeed in every area of life. The purpose of Rhema Regals is to build a healthy self-esteem within each girl as she learns how to apply practical and spiritual principles to her everyday life. This is also a great place to develop lasting friendships!

This program is for girls ages 6 to 16 and runs from mid-September through May. Each term, a different topic is studied along with weekly Bible lessons. Some of the practical topics include: cooking, household chores, sewing, home improvement, social etiquette, personal hygiene, physical fitness, nutrition, first aid, and more.

For more information email Amanda Gregurich at agregurich@rhema.org