School of the Bible
Classes for Every Age Group

Sundays, 9:00 a.m.

Are you ready to meet new friends and hear amazing, Bible-based teaching that’s relevant to your life? Then School of the Bible (Sunday school) is the place for you! Classes are set apart for various age groups of married couples and singles, which means you’ll get to know people in similar seasons of life. So find the class that’s right for you, make new friends, and get ready to have a lot of fun.

To find out where you child’s School of the Bible class will be please go to the Resource room in the West lobby.
  • Singles 18–27—SDC 2, Room 209
  • Singles 28–35—SDC 2, Room 213
  • Singles 36–55—SDC 2, Room 203
  • Singles 56+—RCA, Room 205
  • Young Marrieds up to 29—SDC 2, Room 211 
  • Marrieds 30–39—SDC 2, Room 201 
  • Marrieds 40–49—SDC 2, Room 205 
  • Marrieds 50+—Chapel Reception Hall
Escuela De La Biblia en Español

Tenemos una Escuela de la Biblia en español. Esta clase está ubicada en el
edificio RBC, Salón 214, y es para adultos (casados o solteros) mayores de
18 años de edad.

Spanish School of the Bible Class

We have a Spanish School of the Bible Class. This class is held in the RBC Auditorium,
Room 214, and is for adults (married or single), 18 years old or older.

Servicios Traducidos al Espanol

Tenemos intérpretes de español disponibles en todos los servicios. Venga a la cabina de sonido en la parte de atrás del santuario al menos 15 minutos antes de cualquier servicio para recoger un aparato de sonido inalámbrico.

RHEMA Bible Church Services in Spanish

We have Spanish interpreters available at every service. Come to the Sound Booth in the back of the sanctuary at least 15 minutes prior to any service to check out a wireless hearing device.